Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Crab Hunting

Ow, ow, ow, stop it, stop it, can you please be quiet? I can't hear myself think.” That's what the class of Room 11 sounded like as we stomped to the beach. On the way there were lots of oozy, muddy puddles. The mud would sneakily creep into our shoes as we plunged through it. 

When we arrived it was very clear that we were all extremely excited. Some of us were discussing who would hunt with who, where we would start and estimating the size the biggest crab might be. As we were talking we could tell the parents and teachers were getting very annoyed, but we continued chat. 

Then, once we had quietened down the teachers refreshed us on the rules. We were exceptionally quiet but not exceptionally still as we were looking in all directions - forwards, backwards, to the left and to the right. 

Once we’d been told the rules we were off sprinting to the location to find some big fat crabs. We were yelling, screaming, screeching with excitement. We were shouting back and forth “I found a big crab.” “So did I but I bet mine is bigger than yours.” 

All I could think was - I hope we don't have to leave anytime soon.

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