Monday, 28 November 2016

My character description

Jake has long, dark blonde hair that stands out when the sun shines it’s light onto his hair. When he runs his hair sways from side to side like the wind throwing the leaves back and forth on edge of a tree. The clothing he will often wear is a sporty outfit because he is a sporty guy, and the colour of his clothes is mostly black and blue. He is fairly tall at 6 foot and his body is a rectangle shape. tall and slim. A movement he often does is he flexes his right arm and from behind his back he brings his arm across his body. 

Jake’s habits are taking long runs and doing athletics. He also enjoys playing Pokémon Go with his friend Finn, it is very addictive. He plays on a huge phone. His behaviour is wonderful, well most of the time, but when he's at the table having dinner it is disgusting, he scoffs his food down like there's no tomorrow. The places he likes to hang out is in the city with his mates. 

A typical phrase Jake will often say is “What are those?”. The tone of voice he uses is loud but it means he's in a good mood. His accent is British. When he talks to people his voice is quiet but deep.

Jake likes to hang out with his best mate Finn. People respond nicely to Jake's actions. Other people describe him as kind, caring and cool. The area he lives in is beautiful and rich and they have the best skate park.

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