Sunday, 18 September 2016

Speech reflection

The part of my speech I most enjoyed was the writing because I had to persevere through my speech writing to get it correct and that made me feel good. The challenges during speech writing was using the correct tense because through my speech sometimes I used past tense and sometimes I used future tense. I overcame my challenges by asking for help so that I wouldn't stay stuck. Overall I feel good about the way my speech came out because I believe I did a wonderful speech, I may not have made it to the finals but I know I did well. 

As I practiced reading my speech I tried to put some hand gestures in. I think I did the following things well when I presented my speech to the class - projecting my voice, making sure that it was very clear, facing my fears by going up there.  I was challenged to perform in front of the class because I didn't want to mess up or make a fool of myself. I overcame these challenges by just looking a one person because I knew they wouldn't laugh at me. Overall I feel good about the way I presented my speech because I got a good score and a big round of applause. 

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