Monday, 25 July 2016

Stereotyping explanation

Stereotyping is a rude and offensive way to describe someone based their gender, religion and lots more. 

Here is one example of stereotyping - all Indians work at KFC. I disagree with the fact all Indians work at KFC. Not all Indians would work at KFC because from my experiences in the past I've seen many people from different countries and cultures working there.

Another example of stereotyping is fat people can't run. I disagree because they can run just not very fast because of their weight. 

Here is my final example of stereotyping - all girls like pink and all boys like blue. I disagree because I know some boys don't like blue and some girls don't like pink. Lots of  girls and boys have their own favourite colour and it does not have to be blue or pink.

Overall stereotyping is a rude and offensive way of describing some people based on their gender, race, religion and skin colour.

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